Debugging-Watch: evaluation of expressions not working

Debugging-Watch: evaluation of expressions not working

Evaluation of expressions (that are not just variables) doesn't work at all (see screenshot).

Furthermore, when the debugger hits an conditional breakpoint the whole Visual-Studio crashes.



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I attempted to reproduce the problems using VS2012 (version 11.0.60610.01 Update 3) and IVF 2013 .5.198. Quote:

Evaluation of expressions (that are not just variables) doesn't work at all
 In Win32 debug mode, I found that expressions were displayed (see watch.png) as one would expect, but the type of the integer expressions was indicated as INTEGER(8) even though the project setting Fortran->Data->Default Integer KIND has the default value, 4.


Furthermore, when the debugger hits an conditional breakpoint the whole Visual-Studio crashes.

Screenshot cbreak.png shows correct functioning for a conditional breakpoint in a trivial example. Perhaps a more complex example is needed to trigger the problem, or we need more particulars of the software versions and compiler options used.

As with some of the other issues that Tobias has reported, it is possible that changes to project settings may not take effect unless some part of VS is exercised that causes the changes to propagate to other windows. I do not use the VS IDE for development, and these problems are not of much concern to me; I can understand that for heavy users of the IDE such inconsistencies are big problems.


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Tobias - what's the condition for your problematic conditional breakpoint?

Hi Ian,

I added a project that

1) crashes on a conditional breakpoint in Console3.f90: line 4120 with the statement "i==2"

2) Furthermore shows how awful slow debugging with vs2012/if2013 is: Just bring up the "Locals" view and try to step thrugh the line with F10. A single step on my server (HP XEON high performance machine) last at least 15 seconds. (With vs2008/if2011 everything works fine!)

If you can't reproduce the errornous behaviour, please send someone from Intel in Germany around my office then I can do a live demo.



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I'm just a user.  The reason that I asked is that I've seen some wacky things happen in the past when the condition for a breakpoint is an assignment (i=2), rather than a logical expression (i==2).  It doesn't seem to be applicable here.

>>...Evaluation of expressions (that are not just variables) doesn't work at all...

It looks like a problem with Pdb-file generated in Debug Configuration.

Note: I had a similar problem today with eveluation of some expression using Intel C++ compiler and I see that it is common for both compilers. Microsoft C++ compiler evaluated the same expression successfully.

It is Not clear for me why it displays Undefined Address error message. Could you try something like:


that is with brackets and without any spaces?

Also, please take a look at another case:

Forum Topic: Expression can Not be evaluated if there is one space before or after template data type - CXX0019: Error: bad type cast

Here is a screenshot of what I've experienced:

Note: Even if this is with Intel C++ compiler these two cases when some expression is Not evaluated in the Watch Window are similar.

Hi Sergej,

maybe with Intel-C++ everything works fine, but I'm using Intel-FORTRAN and that's where all the  - crashes / expression-not-evaluated / very(!!!) bad debug performance - happens.

For C++ I'm using MS and with that everything works fine it's only the Intel-FORTRAN integration in VS2013 that drives me nuts.


and I forgot:

non of the following expressions can be evaluated




Hello, we were able to confirm your issues with debugger engineering. The two problems with the failing expression evaluation and the crash of VS IDE are caused by an incorrect installation. I'd kindly ask you to help us understand why things went wrong by doing the following: 1. Please mail me the two ForIntrinsics.dll files of your failing installation that you can find here i) C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE\Remote Debugger\x64 and here ii) C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\Packages\Debugger 2. Please uninstall the Intel(R) Visual Fortran Composer XE for Windows* installation. 3. Check the disk size for sufficient free space and install the latest Intel(R) Visual Fortran Composer XE for Windows* Update 5; 2 GB should be sufficient The remaining performance issue is already addressed and will be fixed in a future version of Intel(R) Composer XE 2013 SP1 (not the initial release but a following update). Thank you for your help & best regards, Georg Zitzlsberger Note: Please use "Send Author a Message" for the two DLLs.

Hello, with some delay we've received the DLLs today. With replying to the notification mails you only send a message to the IDZ admin. Fortunately (s)he forwarded the mail to us. Please use the "Send Author A Message" button in the future. The DLLs are slightly different (padding in the end) but sill work correctly on our systems. As we place the DLLs in the VS installation it's usually a VS duty to load the DLLs. Hence, VS might be broken if (some) DLLs cannot be loaded. If you do not succeed with reinstalling Composer XE 2013 it likely is some VS issue. Hence, I'd ask you to reinstall VS + Composer XE 2013 in that case. Please keep me updated about the status. Best regards, Georg Zitzlsberger

Hello, I'd like to inform everyone that Tobias and I identified the problem. It appears that Fortran Expression Evaluation (FEE) extension that comes with our Intel(R) Fortran Composer XE 2013 products does not work for Microsoft Windows Server 2008* (and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012*). Other versions seem not to be impacted. I've filed a defect ticket (DPD200354341) to address this problem. As soon as it is fixed I'll let you know. Best regards, Georg Zitzlsberger


the root cause has been found:

FEE won't properly work (e.g. complex watches, conditional breakpoints, etc.) if only Microsoft Visual Studio 2012* is installed. It's not related to the exact OS as mentioned earlier and hence can occur on other versions of Microsoft Windows* as well.

The solution is to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86):

We plan to avoid the need of this dependency in a future update.
Hence, if you experience problems with debugging Fortran applications with Visual Studio 2012*, please make sure the above package is installed. If you have installed Visual Studio 2010* already, there's no need for the redistributable package.

Best regards,

Georg Zitzlsberger

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