About advixe-cl Command Options

This reference provides details on all options supported by the advixe-cl command tool of the Intel® Advisor.

Command options are categorized as follows:

  • action: The action that the command performs, such as collect data or generate a report. You must specify exactly one action per command.

  • action-option: Defines a behavior applicable to the specified action. Only use action-options that are supported by the action, or a usage error will result. You may have one or more supported action-options per command.

  • global-option: Defines a behavior applicable to all actions. You may have one or more global-options per command.

Action-Option Usage Rules:

  • If opposing action-options are used on the same command line, the last specified action-option applies.

  • An action-option that is redundant or has no meaning in the context of the specified action is ignored.

  • Attempted use of an inappropriate action-option which would lead to unexpected behavior returns a usage error.


collect Run the specified type of analysis and collect data.
collect-list List all analysis types for the collect action.
convert Convert an Intel® Parallel Advisor 2011 project directory into an Intel® Advisor project directory.
format-list List all available report formats.
help Display explanations of command line actions and options.
import-dir Import and finalize data that was collected on an MPI cluster.
report Generate a report from data collected during a previous analysis.
report-list List all report types.
version Display product version information.
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