Choosing Application Output

When you run an Intel Advisor tool to analyze your target application, the tool executes your application to collect data about its characteristics. You can send application output to the:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio* output window

  • Application Output pane in the result tab. This also enables application output to be viewed after collection by clicking a link in the Summary window to display the Application Output window.

  • Separate console output window

To choose an output window:

  1. From the:
    • Visual Studio menu, choose Tools > Options.... In the Options dialog box, expand the Intel Advisor XE 2013 folder and choose the General page.

    • Intel Advisor GUI, chose File > Options.... In the Options dialog box, choose the General page.

  2. Under the Application output destination, select the appropriate radio button.
  3. Click the OK button.

Outcome: The next time you run a tool analysis, the application output appears in the selected output destination.


If you must interact with the application during execution, choose the separate console window option or use stdin redirection on the command line.

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