Using the Summary Window to Help You Decide on Your Tasks

To use the Summary window to decide whether to keep, remove, or modify the tasks and sites:

  1. Run the Suitability and Correctness tools if you have modified your program since you last ran these tools.
  2. Click the Summary tab to display the Summary window. Relevant data from the Suitability and Correctness tools appears in their respective columns under the heading Potential Program Gain: Maximum Site Gain and Correctness Problems.
  3. View both the Suitability performance gain data under the Maximum Site Gain for each parallel site - as well as the Correctness data under the Correctness Problems column. This summarizes the benefit (Suitability) and programming effort cost (Correctness) of each site annotation pair and its task(s).
  4. Evaluate the performance benefit against the cost of fixing sharing problems for each parallel site and task. For example, either eliminate sites or adjust tasks in sites that show a performance gain of 1.0 or less. For tasks in a site which only provide a small impact on Maximum Program Gain and cause significant Correctness problems, consider modifying annotations for the task(s), or considering removing the tasks and their enclosing site. In some cases, you may want to instead fix some of the remaining data sharing problems and then run the Correctness and Suitability tools again to refresh the Summary window data.
  5. To modify annotations, open the code editor at the corresponding location by clicking the link to its location under Parallel Site, or by using the Suitability Report and/or Correctness Report windows.

  6. Repeat the steps above for each site and task annotation. For your original set of proposed sites and their tasks, you may need to: keep some sites, remove some sites, and adjust the tasks in some sites.
  7. When the Potential Program Gain for the program and the Maximum Site Gain values for all the remaining sites show a worthwhile performance gain, proceed to fix remaining data sharing problems.
  8. After you fix the sharing problems, run the Correctness and Suitability tools again to refresh the Summary window data. After you fix sharing problems and accept the performance gains displayed in the Summary window, you can add parallel framework code to replace Intel Advisor annotations in parts of your program.

You have used the Summary window to help you adjust Intel Advisor site and task annotations.

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