Troubleshooting Analysis of Debug Build


A message appears when you start the Intel® Advisor Survey or Suitability tools and the current configuration selected for the startup project is a Debug configuration build.


For the Survey or Suitability tools, you should use a Release configuration build of your program, not a Debug configuration build.

When measuring performance, using a version of the program for analysis that is close to the version that will be provided to customers provides the most accurate data. If you will provide a Release configuration build for customers, run the Survey or Suitability tools with a Release configuration build. You can run this tool with a Debug configuration build if you will run it again with a Release configuration build. To produce the best results, your build settings should specify debug information and moderate optimization, as described in the help topic Build Settings (use the link below under See Also).

When a tool is waiting for your input (click either Continue or Cancel), the result name has a [!] prefix. If you do not respond within several minutes, the tool implicitly chooses the Cancel button.

Possible Correction Strategies

  • Before you respond to the message, change the configuration to a Release configuration and build the target executable. When it completes, click Continue to run the analysis.

  • Click Continue and ignore this message. Later, run this tool again with a target from a Release configuration build.

  • Click Cancel. Change the configuration to a Release configuration and build the target executable. Then run the Intel Advisor tool.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.