Toolbar: Intel Advisor

Use the Intel Advisor toolbar to run the Intel Advisor tools and display certain Intel Advisor panes or windows. Intel Advisor tools run your target program and analyze it. The collected data appears in the Result tab. This toolbar :

For Microsoft Visual Studio* 2008 and 2010 integration:
Intel Advisor toolbar

For Microsoft Visual Studio* 2012 and 2013 integration, click to display a drop-down list:

For the Intel Advisor Standalone GUI:

Use This Icon

To Do This

Intel Advisor icon(or )

Open the Getting Started with Intel Advisor in your HTML web browser. This page introduces the Intel Advisor and provides links to the installed tutorials, documentation, and online internet resources.

Advisor workflow guidance icon

Display the Advisor XE Workflow tab.

Display the Summary window.

Survey tool

Launch the Survey tool.

suitability tool

Launch the Suitability tool.

correctness tool

Launch the Correctness tool.

Opens or closes the Project navigator pane.

Create a new project.

Open a project.

Project properties

Open the Project Properties dialog.

Open a result.

Additional buttons suited for analyzing large target executables are available on the side command toolbar.

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