Specify the top-level directory where the result is stored.


-project-dir <PATH>


A string containing the PATH/name for the project directory.


Data is written in the current working directory.

Actions Modified

collect, import-dir, report


If you want the result stored somewhere other than the current working directory, use the project-dir action-option to set where the result is stored. When generating a report from this result, you must specify the project directory.

In MPI analysis, you must specify the project directory for the import process.


Use this command to survey myApplication for hotspots, searching the src directory for all source, binary and symbol files, and writing the result to your specified project directory.

$ advixe-cl -collect survey -project-dir ./advi -search-dir all:=./src -- myApplication

Generate a Survey report from the result in this same project directory, and save the report in text format as survey.txt.

$ advixe-cl -report survey -project-dir ./advi -format text -report-output ./out/survey.txt
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