Save a report as a file.


-report-output <PATH>


PATH is the directory PATH/filename of the output file.


Report is written to stdout

Actions Modified



Use the report-output action-option to save a report in the specified directory, with the specified name and file extension.

By default, a report is written to standard output in text format, but the advixe-cl tool provides a number of options you can use when generating a report.

  • To write a report to a file, use the report-output option.

  • Use the format option to choose report format: Text, csv, or xml.
  • If you choose the CSV format and want to use a delimiter other than the default comma, use the csv-delimiter option to specify the delimiter.


This command generates a Suitability report and saves it as suitability.txt in the /out output directory.

$ advixe-cl -report suitability -project-dir ./advi -format text -report-output ./out/suitability.txt
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