Decide on the Proposed Tasks

The Summary window displays a high-level summary of Suitability tool performance data and Correctness tool data sharing problems side-by-side.

You can create a read-only result snapshot after you collect data from one or more Intel Advisor tools, perhaps after you have decided on the tasks for the current parallel site or to capture your current analysis state.

View the Summary Window

After you run the Suitability and Correctness tools, the Summary window shows the performance benefit and cost of fixing sharing problems for your sites and tasks. To display the Summary window, click the Summary button. The Summary window appears:

Summary window after running Suitability and Correctness tools

The first parallel site (solve) has a good Maximum Site Gain based on the default 8 CPUs, and it has only 2 Correctness (data sharing) problems and no warnings. Because this site provides a good performance benefit and a small number of sharing problems, keep your proposed site and task code regions.

As you fix sharing problems, you should run the Correctness and Suitability tools to update the data displayed in the Summary window. It usually takes multiple iterations to finally decide on your sites, tasks, and synchronization.

Creating a Read-only Result Snapshot

Only the active result for a project can be modified by collecting new data. To create a snapshot of the active result and save its data in a read-only result:

  • Display the active result (not a read-only result snapshot).

  • Click the camera button next to the window caption. The Create a Result Snapshot dialog box appears.

  • Type the Result name of the Intel Advisor read-only result. Provide a unique name, perhaps by adding an identifying suffix within the result name.

  • Click OK. With a large result, you may need to wait for the read-only result to be created.

You can visually compare a read-only result with the current active result or other read-only results. The read-only result appears in the Visual Studio Solution Explorer and the Intel Advisor GUI project navigator. In the result tab, the words (read-only) appear after the name of a read-only result.

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