Check Program Correctness

To check the Correctness of the serial program, run the Intel Advisor Correctness tool. Do one of the following:

  • Click the Start the Correctness toolCollect Correctness Data button in Advisor XE Workflow tab (below 4. Check Correctness) or in the Correctness Report window's command toolbar. To hide or show the command toolbar, click the Hide side command toolbar or Show side command toolbar buttons in the upper-right of the Correctness Report.

  • Click the Start the Correctness tool icon in the Visual Studio Tools > Intel Advisor XE 2013 menu or the Intel Advisor toolbar.

The Correctness tool runs with your program to collect data and analyze its run-time characteristics. A command window appears and displays text when the nqueens_Advisor program completes, similar to the following (the time on your system will be different):

Command output after running debug build

After the Correctness tool finishes collecting and finalizing the data, the following appears in the result tab's Correctness Report window:

Correctness Report after fixing all sharing problems

In this case, there are no problems reported by the Correctness tool. If your Correctness Report window appears with a reported problem instead of this message, carefully check the source code changes described in the previous topic (Fix Sharing Problems), rebuild, and run the Correctness tool again.

You can click the here link to view the Parallel site information remark that indicates the code region actually executed by your program. The reported Parallel site information shows where the parallel site begins, which is marked by the annotation ANNOTATE_SITE_BEGIN(solve);.

When modifying your application, repeat the steps of fixing the reported problems, rebuilding, and re-running the Correctness tool until no errors are reported. For example, you may encounter new problems caused by adding or modifying site or task annotations.


If you have significantly modified your program's source code or modified any annotations, consider running the Suitability tool again to check how these changes impact your program's predicted performance and view the most recent high-level data in the Summary and/or Suitability Report windows.

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