YCrCb411ToYCbCr422_16x4x5MB_DV, YCrCb411ToYCbCr422_8x8MB_DV

DEPRECATED. Convert five reduced YCrCb411 macroblocks into YCrCb422 reduced macroblocks.


IppStatus ippiYCrCb411ToYCbCr422_16x4x5MB_DV_16s8u_P3C2R(const Ipp16s* pSrc[5], Ipp8u* pDst[5], int dstStep);

IppStatus ippiYCrCb411ToYCbCr422_8x8MB_DV_16s8u_P3C2R(const Ipp16s* pSrc, Ipp8u* pDst, int dstStep);

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Array of pointers to the five reduced source macroblocks. For the 8x8MB function, pSrc is a single pointer to the reduced source macroblock.


Array of pointers to the five destination macroblocks. For the 8x8MB function, pDst is a single pointer to the destination macroblock.


Distance in bytes between starts of the consecutive lines in the destination image.


Functions ippiYCrCb411ToYCbCr422_16x4x5MB_DV_16s8u_P3C2R and ippiYCrCb411ToYCbCr422_8x8MB_DV_16s8u_P3C2R are deprecated. DV, H.263, H.261, AVS codecs will be removed in a future release. Use the following link for details: http://software.intel.com/sites/products/ipp-deprecated-features-feedback/.

The functions convert reduced (quarter resolution) YCrCb411 macroblocks to YCbCr422 macroblocks of the same size. Specifically, the functions transfer the five reduced macroblocks of uncompressed DV data after IDCT processing and block size reduction from the internal format YUV411 to the destination buffer in YUY2 format with saturation.

The function ippiYCrCb411ToYCbCr422_16x4x5MB_DV_16s8u_P3C2R converts macroblocks of 16x4 size, and ippiYCrCb411ToYCbCr422_8x8MB_DV_16s8u_P3C2R converts a macroblock of 8x8 size located at the right edge of the destination image. The latter function is intended for NTSC standard conversion since all right edge macroblocks have slightly different shapes.

Note that each pointer in the pSrc array refers to the uncompressed macroblock data, which consists of 6 uncompressed DCT block data areas. Each DCT block data follows one after another and occupies 64 elements (128 bytes). Reduced uncompressed blocks of size 4x4 occupy first 16 elements of each DCT block data area. See "Layout of Reduced DCT Blocks in Macroblock Data" for the layout of the reduced blocks in the macroblock data.

Layout of Reduced DCT Blocks in Macroblock Data

Return Values


Indicates no error.


Indicates an error when at least one of the pointers is NULL.

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