Visual Studio* IDE: Choose Project and Build Application

To use Intel Advisor to help you fix sharing problems and add parallelism, you need to:


This part of this tutorial assumes you have completed the previous part that predicts parallel behavior of your serial, annotated application. This includes installing Intel Advisor and running the Suitability and Correctness tools.

Open a Visual Studio* Solution

  1. Launch Microsoft Visual Studio*.

  2. Choose File > Open > Project/Solution.

  3. In the Open Project dialog box, open the nqueens.sln file to display the nqueens solution in the Solution Explorer:
    Microsoft* Visual Studio, after opening nqueens_Fortran sample solution

Build and Test the Serial Annotated Application's Target Executable

  1. Right-click the 2_nqueens_annotated project in the Solution Explorer.
  2. Choose Set as StartUp Project.
  3. To prepare a target for the Correctness tool, choose a Debug configuration.
  4. To prepare a target for the Suitability or Survey tool and the steps below, choose a Release configuration.
  5. Choose Build > 2_nqueens_annotated.
  6. Choose Debug > Start Without Debugging.

  7. Check for a display similar to the following for a Release build:

    Application output

    Press Enter (or any key) to dismiss the application output window.

  8. The result will appear. For example, click the Correctness Report button to view the Correctness Report data needed to fix sharing problems.

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