Intel® Advisor GUI: Build the Application and Open the Project

To use Intel Advisor to help you fix sharing problems and add parallelism, you need to:


This part of this tutorial assumes you have completed the previous part that predicts parallel behavior of your serial, annotated application. This includes installing Intel Advisor and running the Suitability and Correctness tools.

Verify Optimal Compiler/Linker Options

As explained in the previously, you can use these Intel Advisor tools:

  • Suitability tool to predict your serial application's parallel performance.

  • Correctness tool to predict your serial application's parallel data sharing problems.

Applications compiled/linked using the specified options produce the most accurate, complete results. If you completed the previous part of this tutorial, you will have the required build settings, such as:

  • A release build with debug information and moderate optimization for the Suitability and Survey tools.
  • A debug build with debug information and no optimization for the Correctness tool.

Open the Standalone Intel Advisor GUI

From the Windows* Start menu, choose Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 > Intel Advisor XE 2013.


Keep the command prompt window open.

Open the Project

In a previous part of this tutorial, you created a project and built the annotated serial version of the nqueens_Fortran sample. You may need to look at the previously collected results while completing this part.

  1. The previously opened project should be re-opened and its name should appear in the title bar and in the Project Navigator. If it was closed, either click the nqueens_fortran link below Recent Projects: in the Welcome page, or choose File > Recent Projects... and select the recently created project name.
  2. The following screen appears showing the opened project's name in the title bar (your screen may differ slightly) and the Welcome page:

    Intel Advisor GUI after opening a project

  3. To open a previously collected result, click File > Recent Results... and select the recently created result name ...nqueens_Fortran/e000, or right click the result (such as e000) and select Open Result in the Project Navigator. The result will appear. For example, click the Correctness Report button to view the Correctness Report data needed to fix sharing problems.
  4. To view and modify your open project's properties, choose File > Project Properties... or click the icon on the toolbar.

Key Terms

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