PBLAS Routines

The PBLAS routines perform operations with distributed vectors and matrices.

  • PBLAS Level 1 Routines perform operations of both addition and reduction on vectors of data. Typical operations include scaling and dot products.

  • PBLAS Level 2 Routines perform distributed matrix-vector operations, such as matrix-vector multiplication, rank-1 and rank-2 matrix updates, and solution of triangular systems.

  • PBLAS Level 3 Routines perform distributed matrix-matrix operations, such as matrix-matrix multiplication, rank-k update, and solution of triangular systems.

Intel MKL provides the PBLAS routines with interface similar to the interface used in the Netlib PBLAS (part of the ScaLAPACK package, see http://www.netlib.org/scalapack/html/pblas_qref.html).

Optimization Notice

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