Routine Naming Conventions

To call one of the routines from a FORTRAN 77 program, you can use the LAPACK name.

LAPACK names have the structure ?yyzzz or ?yyzz, where the initial symbol ? indicates the data type:


real, single precision


complex, single precision


real, double precision


complex, double precision

Some routines can have combined character codes, such as ds or zc.

The Fortran 95 interfaces to the LAPACK computational and driver routines are the same as the FORTRAN 77 names but without the first letter that indicates the data type. For example, the name of the routine that performs a triangular factorization of general real matrices in Fortran 95 is getrf. Different data types are handled through the definition of a specific internal parameter that refers to a module block with named constants for single and double precision.

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