Conjugates a complex vector.


call clacgv( n, x, incx )

call zlacgv( n, x, incx )


lapack_int LAPACKE_<?>lacgv (lapack_int n, <datatype> * x, lapack_int incx);

Include Files

  • Fortran: mkl.fi
  • C: mkl.h


The routine conjugates a complex vector x of length n and increment incx (see "Vector Arguments in BLAS" in Appendix B).

Input Parameters

The data types are given for the Fortran interface. A <datatype> placeholder, if present, is used for the C interface data types in the C interface section above. See C Interface Conventions for the C interface principal conventions and type definitions.


INTEGER. The length of the vector x (n 0).


COMPLEX for clacgv

DOUBLE COMPLEX for zlacgv.

Array, dimension (1+(n-1)* |incx|).

Contains the vector of length n to be conjugated.


INTEGER. The spacing between successive elements of x.

Output Parameters


On exit, overwritten with conjg(x).

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