Assists other languages in calling the xerbla function.


call xerbla_array( srname_array , srname_len, info )

Include Files

  • Fortran: mkl.fi
  • C: mkl.h


The routine assists other languages in calling the error handling xerbla function. Rather than taking a Fortran string argument as the function name, xerbla_array takes an array of single characters along with the array length. The routine then copies up to 32 characters of that array into a Fortran string and passes that to xerbla. If called with a non-positive srname_len, the routine will call xerbla with a string of all blank characters.

If some macro or other device makes xerbla_array available to C99 by a name lapack_xerbla and with a common Fortran calling convention, a C99 program could invoke xerbla via:

   int flen = strlen(__func__);
   lapack_xerbla(__func__, &flen, &info);

Providing xerbla_array is not necessary for intercepting LAPACK errors. xerbla_array calls xerbla.

Output Parameters



Array, dimension (srname_len). The name of the routine that called xerbla_array.



The length of the name in srname_array.



Position of the invalid parameter in the parameter list of the calling routine.

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