ScaLAPACK Routines

Intel® Math Kernel Library implements routines from the ScaLAPACK package for distributed-memory architectures. Routines are supported for both real and complex dense and band matrices to perform the tasks of solving systems of linear equations, solving linear least-squares problems, eigenvalue and singular value problems, as well as performing a number of related computational tasks.

Intel MKL ScaLAPACK routines are written in FORTRAN 77 with exception of a few utility routines written in C to exploit the IEEE arithmetic. All routines are available in all precision types: single precision, double precision, complexm, and double complex precision. See the mkl_scalapack.h header file for C declarations of ScaLAPACK routines.


ScaLAPACK routines are provided only with Intel® MKL versions for Linux* and Windows* OSs.

See descriptions of ScaLAPACK computational routines that perform distinct computational tasks, as well as driver routines for solving standard types of problems in one call.

Generally, ScaLAPACK runs on a network of computers using MPI as a message-passing layer and a set of prebuilt communication subprograms (BLACS), as well as a set of BLAS optimized for the target architecture. Intel MKL version of ScaLAPACK is optimized for Intel® processors. For the detailed system and environment requirements, see Intel® MKL Release Notes and Intel® MKL User's Guide.

For full reference on ScaLAPACK routines and related information, see [SLUG].

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