ScaLAPACK Driver Routines

Table "ScaLAPACK Driver Routines" lists ScaLAPACK driver routines available for solving systems of linear equations, linear least-squares problems, standard eigenvalue and singular value problems, and generalized symmetric definite eigenproblems.

ScaLAPACK Driver Routines
Type of Problem Matrix type, storage scheme Driver
Linear equations general (partial pivoting) p?gesv (simple driver) / p?gesvx (expert driver)
  general band (partial pivoting) p?gbsv (simple driver)
  general band (no pivoting) p?dbsv (simple driver)
  general tridiagonal (no pivoting) p?dtsv (simple driver)
  symmetric/Hermitian positive-definite p?posv (simple driver) / p?posvx (expert driver)
  symmetric/Hermitian positive-definite, band p?pbsv (simple driver)
  symmetric/Hermitian positive-definite, tridiagonal p?ptsv (simple driver)
Linear least squares problem general m-by-n p?gels
Symmetric eigenvalue problem symmetric/Hermitian p?syev / p?heev (simple driver); p?syevd / p?heevd (simple driver with a divide and conquer algorithm); p?syevx / p?heevx (expert driver); p?syevr / p?heevr (simple driver with MRRR algorithm)
Singular value decomposition general m-by-n p?gesvd
Generalized symmetric definite eigenvalue problem symmetric/Hermitian, one matrix also positive-definite p?sygvx / p?hegvx (expert driver)
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