BLACS Routines

Intel® Math Kernel Library implements FORTRAN 77 routines from the BLACS (Basic Linear Algebra Communication Subprograms) package. These routines are used to support a linear algebra oriented message passing interface that may be implemented efficiently and uniformly across a large range of distributed memory platforms.

The BLACS routines make linear algebra applications both easier to program and more portable. For this purpose, they are used in Intel MKL intended for the Linux* and Windows* OSs as the communication layer of ScaLAPACK and Cluster FFT.

On computers, a linear algebra matrix is represented by a two dimensional array (2D array), and therefore the BLACS operate on 2D arrays. See description of the basic matrix shapes in a special topic.

The BLACS routines implemented in Intel MKL are of four categories:

  • Combines
  • Point to Point Communication
  • Broadcast
  • Support.

The Combines take data distributed over processes and combine the data to produce a result. The Point to Point routines are intended for point-to-point communication and Broadcast routines send data possessed by one process to all processes within a scope.

The Support routines perform distinct tasks that can be used for initialization, destruction, information, and miscellaneous tasks.

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