Real-to-Complex MPI FFTW Transforms

rfftwnd_mpi_plan rfftw2d_mpi_create_plan(MPI_Comm comm, int nx, int ny, fftw_direction dir, int flags);

rfftwnd_mpi_plan rfftw3d_mpi_create_plan(MPI_Comm comm, int nx, int ny, int nz, fftw_direction dir, int flags);

rfftwnd_mpi_plan rfftwnd_mpi_create_plan(MPI_Comm comm, int dim, int *n, fftw_direction dir, int flags);

void rfftwnd_mpi(rfftwnd_mpi_plan p, int n_fields, fftw_real *local_data, fftw_real *work, fftwnd_mpi_output_order output_order);

void rfftwnd_mpi_local_sizes(rfftwnd_mpi_plan p, int *local_nx, int *local_x_start, int *local_ny_after_transpose, int *local_y_start_after_transpose, int *total_local_size);

void rfftwnd_mpi_destroy_plan(rfftwnd_mpi_plan plan);

Argument restrictions:

  • Supported values of flags are FFTW_ESTIMATE and FFTW_MEASURE. If any other value of flags is supplied, the wrapper library reports an error 'CDFT error in wrapper: unknown flags'.
  • The only supported value of n_fields is 1.


  • Function rfftwnd_mpi_create_plan can be used for both one-dimensional and multi-dimensional transforms.

  • Both values of the output_order parameter are supported: FFTW_NORMAL_ORDER and FFTW_TRANSPOSED_ORDER.

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