Running Examples

There are some examples that demonstrate how to use the wrapper library. The source code for the examples, makefiles used to run them, and files with lists of examples are located in the .\examples\fftw3xc or .\examples\fftw3xf subdirectory in the Intel MKL directory for C or Fortran, respectively. To build Fortran examples, one additional file fftw3.f is needed. This file is distributed with permission from FFTW and is available in the .\include\fftw subdirectory of the Intel MKL directory. The original file can also be found in FFTW 3.2 at

Parameters of the example makefiles are similar to the parameters of the wrapper library makefiles. Example makefiles normally build and invoke the examples. If the parameter function=<example_name> is defined, then only the specified example will run. Otherwise, all examples will be executed. Results of running the examples are saved in subdirectory .\_results in files with extension .res.

For detailed information about options for the example makefile, refer to the makefile.

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