MPI FFTW Wrappers

This section describes a collection of MPI FFTW wrappers to Intel® MKL.

MPI FFTW wrappers are available only with Intel MKL for the Linux* and Windows* operating systems.

These wrappers translate calls of MPI FFTW functions to the calls of the Intel MKL cluster Fourier transform (CFFT) functions. The purpose of the wrappers is to enable users of MPI FFTW functions improve performance of the applications without changing the program source code.

Although the MPI FFTW wrappers provide less functionality than the original FFTW3 because of differences between MPI FFTW and Intel MKL CFFT, the wrappers cover many typical CFFT use cases.

The MPI FFTW wrappers are provided as source code. To use the wrappers, you need to build your own wrapper library (see Building Your Own Wrapper Library).

See also these resources:

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