Run Locks and Waits Analysis

In this tutorial, you run the Locks and Waits analysis to identify synchronization objects that caused contention and fix the problem in the source.

To run an analysis:

  1. In the Choose Target and Analysis Type window, switch to the Analysis Type tab.

  2. From the analysis tree on the left, select Algorithm Analysis > Locks and Waits.

    The right pane is updated with the default options for the Locks and Waits analysis.

  3. Click the Start button on the right command bar.

Analysis Type Configuration

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier launches the analyze_locks executable that takes balls.dat as input and renders an image displaying the execution time before exiting. VTune Amplifier finalizes the collected data and opens the results in the Locks and Waits viewpoint.


  • To make sure the performance of the application is repeatable, go through the entire tuning process on the same system with a minimal amount of other software executing.

  • This tutorial explains how to run an analysis from the VTune Amplifier graphical user interface (GUI). You can also use the VTune Amplifier command-line interface (amplxe-cl command) to run an analysis. For more details, check the Command Line Interface Support section of the VTune Amplifier Help.

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