Remove Lock

In the Source window, you located the critical section that caused a significant wait while the processor cores were underutilized and generated multiple wait count. Focus on this line and do the following:

  1. Open the code editor.

  2. Modify the code to remove the lock.

Open the Code Editor

Click the Source Editor button to open the analyze_locks.cpp file in your default editor at the hotspot code line:

Remove the Lock

The rgb_mutex was introduced to protect calculation from multithreaded access. The brief analysis shows that the code is thread safe and the mutex is not really needed.

To resolve this issue:


The steps below are provided for Microsoft Visual Studio* 2013. Steps for other versions of Visual Studio IDE may slightly differ.

  1. Comment out code lines 166 and 173 to disable the mutex.

  2. From Solution Explorer, select the analyze_locks project.

  3. From Visual Studio menu, select Build > Rebuild analyze_locks.

    The project is rebuilt.

  4. From Visual Studio menu, select Debug > Start Without Debugging to run the application.

    Visual Studio runs the analyze_locks.exe. Note that execution time reduced from 16.848 seconds to 2.652 seconds.

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