32 or 64 bit, how do I know?

32 or 64 bit, how do I know?

I'm compiling a fortran console app that seems to be 64 bit (built on a win7-64 system) as it will not run when I copy it to an XP-32 system.  Where in VS2012 do I tell IVF whether I want a 32 or 64 bit executable? I feel like a dummy because I cannot find it.  Maybe I can't see the forest through the trees.


Brian in Austin, Texas

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You're looking for the "Configuration Platform". In the top row of the VS toolbar (not the menu bar), you'll see "Debug" (or "Release") and then "Win32" or "x64". This latter is the platform. By default, VS creates only a Win32 (32-bit) configuration. If you want to create a 64-bit configuration, click on the platform pulldown and select Configuration Manager... (or BUILD > Configuration Manager...). Under Active Solution Platform select <New...>. x64 will probably be chosen by default but if not, select it. Then click OK, Close.  Now you can use the platform pulldown to switch back and forth. Just remember that, by default, project property changes you make are for the shown configuration only.

Note that even if you are on a 64-bit system, the default is to build 32-bit applications.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

In the VS toolbar there is a dropdown that now says Debug, and has other items Release and Configuration Manager
Configuration Manager opens a dialog.
In that dialog there is a drop down called Active Solution Platform, which offers Win32, and

The console app which was built with my current project settings will not launch on an XP32 system where it says "this is not a valid Win32 application"

I don't understand why VS2012 indicates Win32 but an XP32 bit system says this is not a valid Win32 application. There are various dependent DLL's that go along with my console EXE file. Could the EXE be 32, while a DLL is 64, and that triggers the "not a valid Win32" message?


Steve - Intel Developer Support

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