Fix Sharing Problems and Add Parallelism

This is the third (final) step to use the parallel design capabilities provided by the Intel® Advisor. The following diagram shows the last few steps in the workflow, where you fix data sharing problems and add parallelism to an annotated program.

Third (last) part of the full Intel Advisor workflow

Step 1: Target Program for Suitability and Correctness Tool Analysis

Continue to use the same project and target application from the previous part of this tutorial, including the Correctness Report.

Step 2: Fix Sharing Problems

View the Correctness Report to understand how to Fix Sharing Problems.

Step 3: Check Program Correctness

Rebuild your program and run the Correctness tool again to make sure the corrected sharing problems have been fixed to Check Program Correctness.

Step 4: Add Parallelism

Select a high-level parallel framework. For the proposed parallel code regions, replace Intel Advisor annotations with parallel framework code to Add Parallelism.

Step 5: Next Steps for the Parallel Program

After successfully adding parallelism to relevant parts of your program, consider using other Intel software suite tools to check and tune your parallel program, as the Next Steps for the Parallel Program.

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