Problem with Xcode 5.0.1 and XE Composer SP1

Problem with Xcode 5.0.1 and XE Composer SP1

I just purchased Composer XE 2013 SP1 (C,C++ and Fortran) update 1  after mooving to OS X Maverick and Xcode 5.0.1.

It seems to have installed properly i.e. files are at the right location i.e. /opt/intel/... , the command line works, but it seems Xcode 5.0 does not "see" the compiler.  Whenever I build and try to execute I get the : SBTarget invalid.  I tried to re-install the compiler , without success.

Anyone could help?

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It sounds like you need to set up the Build Rule 'Default Fortran rule'. 

First, follow steps 1, 2, and 3 here to create a project and add a simple Fortran file.  Don't proceed to the build step as we know this won't work just yet.  Next, set up the Default Fortran Rule:

  1. Select the target you want to change and click Build Rules.

  2. From the Xcode menus, select menu 'Editor' -> menu item 'Add Build Rule'.

  3. Under "Process" selector, change 'Source files with names matching' to 'Fortran source files'.

  4. Under "Using" selector, change "Customer Script" to Intel® Fortran Compiler XE 14.0.

  5. Select the target to be built under Targets.

  6. Now you should be able to build.

Have previous Intel FORTRAN license (2013). Using trial version for 4 days. Trying to build in Xcode -- to see if it works, and how it works. FLEXlm license error. I will assume it doesn't work. On to PGI and ABSOFT to find out if their compilers work with Xcode 5. 

License error has nothing to do with Xcode. Our current compiler does work with Xcode 5. If you need help with licensing, please ask in our licensing forum.

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