compatability with Linux 3.10.x

compatability with Linux 3.10.x

I am running Fedora 18 on a E5-2643 chip.  I was not able to build the Vtune 2013 update 9 kernel drivers (SEP etc) after upgrading to kernel 3.10.x due to a change in a kernel interface that happend between 3.9.x and 3.10.x.  Can anyone on the list confirm that Vtune 2013 update 14 hardware counters profiling work with the Linux 3.10.x and/or the 3.11.x kernels?


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The modules built for me from vtune update 13 on kernel 3.10.7.

$ lsmod
Module Size Used by
vtsspp 295070 0 
sep3_10 77123 0 
pax 3438 0

$ uname -a
Linux convect 3.10.7-gentoo-convect-A #5 SMP Thu Sep 19 22:19:01 GMT 2013 x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU X 990 @ 3.47GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

$ amplxe-cl -V
Intel(R) VTune(TM) Amplifier XE 2013 Update 13 (build 313935) Command Line Tool
Copyright (C) 2009-2013 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

Update 13 hasn't been tested for Linux kernel 3.10, you might downgrade system to kernel 3.8 - VTune can work.

Just wanted to follow up that I have tested basic analysis, advanced hotspot analysis, concurrency analysis, general exploration and memory access analysis. All work for me on 3.10.7, vtune update 13 on an i7 990X chip. 

Thanks to all.  I'll keep a 3.9.x environment around for a little while longer then.


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