runInstallNativeApp Method

Run or install a native app on the device

intel.xdk.device.runInstallNativeApp(appName, protocolHandler, appLocationURL, bundleID);


Call this method to run a previously installed native app, or install and run the app if not already installed on the device.



  • appName: The name of the application being loaded.
  • protocolHandler: The protocol handler required for the application to run/install
  • appLocation : The URL specifying the location of the application to run or install. This URL will be specific to the store from where the app is retrieved.
  • bundleID : The full Android bundle ID for the desired store (this parameter can be left blank for iOS). Example: com.companyname.projectname


// iOS example
if (intel.xdk.device.platform=="iOS")
      intel.xdk.device.runInstallNativeApp('Old Lady Puzzle', 'oldemo.puzzle://', 'itms-apps://');

// Android example 
if (intel.xdk.device.platform=="Android")
      intel.xdk.device.runInstallNativeApp('Boom Town', 'applab.boomtown://', 'market://details?', '');
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