barcode.scan Event

This event is fired once the barcode reader command has finished doing its job


The intel.xdk.device.barcode.scan is called once the QR code reader successfully reads a code or once it is cancelled. The event returned with this event contains the following parameters:

Parameter Value
Type always returns "intel.xdk.device.barcode.scan
success true or false depending on whether a QR code was successfully captured or not.
codedata On a successful read, the data embedded in the QR code will be returned here.


document.addEventListener("intel.xdk.device.barcode.scan", barcodeScanned, false);
function barcodeScanned(evt) {
    if (evt.type == "intel.xdk.device.barcode.scan") {
        if (evt.success == true) {
            var url = evt.codedata;
            intel.xdk.device.showRemoteSite(url, 264, 0,56, 48)
        } else {
          //scan cancelled
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