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Project description:

Look your best! Create the most flattering possible photo for Facebook, Twitter, or online dating sites. / Beautify will automatically find a face in a photo, detect its features, and give you an instant makeover. / Additionally, the complexion control lets you accurately match your skin tone, or experiment with tanning and lightening. / Beautify will help you to look good and project the image that you want to create. / It uses the latest facial attractiveness technology to enhance your portrait photos. It does so by analyzing the face to locate features such as eyes, nose and mouth; and compares this with a model derived from the world's most attractive people. It applies these characteristics to your photos and yet retains all the features that make a person unique. The result is usually a pleasing improvement with better skin tone, brighter eyes, lips and teeth and enhanced facial symmetry.

Use of Intel Tools/SDK:

The Intel x86 SDK image and HAXM emulator provided a painless export of a new APK which supports both armeabi-v7a and x86 hardware.

Stand out features:

The facial attractiveness engine is trained on the faces of beautiful people and applied anonymously to the subject. Pretty cool!

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