Event-based Stack Sampling Analysis Workflow

The following figure shows steps required for extending regular hardware event-based sampling analysis to collect call stacks, threading and power efficiency data. To display more information about a workflow step:

  • Position (hover) the mouse pointer to display a brief explanation.
  • Click to display the associated topic.


Choose analysis target

Create a project and choose an analysis target using the Project Properties dialog box. Event-based stack sampling data collection cannot be configured for the entire system. You have to specify an application to launch or attach to.


Choose analysis type

In the Analysis Type window, choose an event-based sampling analysis type with hardware events that fit your task and intention best.


Enable stack analysis in the selected configuration

In the configuration pane for the selected analysis, enable the Collect stacks option. If this option is enabled, you may also select the Estimate call counts checkbox to statistically approximate the number of calls to sampled functions.


Run the selected analysis

Click Start to launch the selected event-based sampling analysis type.


Interpret collected data

Explore the collected data and analyze performance, parallelism and power efficiency metrics with regard to execution paths.

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