Data of Interest

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier maintains a special column called Data of Interest. This column is highlighted with a yellow background and marked with a yellow star in the column header , as shown in the graphic on the right.

The data in the Data of Interest column is used by the various windows to calculate important values for this window:

  • The Call Stack pane calculates the contribution, shown in the contribution bar, using the data of interest column data.

  • The Filter bar uses the data of interest data to calculate the percentage indicated in the filtered option.

  • The Source/Assembly window uses this column for hotspot navigation.

If your view has more than one column with numeric data or bars, you can configure the Data of Interest column.

To specify the Data of Interest column:

Right-click the column that you wish to designate as the column of interest, and select Set Column as Data of Interest from the context menu.

Outcome: After defining a column as the Data of Interest column, the windows/panes in a viewpoint update to show the relevant data of interest.

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