Choosing a Target in Visual Studio*

If during installation you chose to integrate Intel® VTune™ Amplifier into Microsoft Visual Studio* IDE, you may choose an analysis target and run a performance analysis directly from your development environment.

To choose an analysis target for an existing solution:

  1. Open a solution in the Solution Explorer.
  2. If the solution contains more than one project, select an appropriate project.

    VTune Amplifier toolbar and menu items are enabled. By default, the VTune Amplifier inherits the Visual Studio settings and uses the application generated for the selected project as your analysis target. You may click the Project Properties button from the toolbar to verify target properties. By default, the target type is set to Launch Application.

To choose an existing standalone executable file:

  1. From the Visual Studio menu, choose File > Open > Project/Solution.

    The Open Project dialog box opens.

  2. Select theExecutable Files (*.exe) filter and choose an executable file.

    Visual Studio software creates a solution with a single project that contains your executable file. VTune Amplifier features are enabled.

  3. Click the Project Properties button on the right command bar and specify the search directories in the Binary/Symbol Search or Source Search tab.

    When finalizing the collected data, the VTune Amplifier uses these directories to search for binary/source/symbol files supporting your target .

  4. Save the solution.


Possible next steps:

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