About Running Analysis from the Command Line

You can use either the collect or collect-with actions to perform analysis. These actions are similar, but the collect-with action provides some additional support for customizations.

The analysis process includes data collection, finalization, creation of a result, and the generation of a Summary report. The terms analysis and collection are synonyms for these processes.

Getting Information on Analysis Options

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier offers many ways to get information on analysis options.

  • VTune Amplifier can re-use analysis configuration options set in the GUI version and automatically generate a command line version of such a configuration. You can copy this command line to the clipboard and use it for the command line analysis. To do this, use the Command Line... button in the Analysis Type window. This also works for custom analysis types.

  • To get more information on the collect or collect-with actions, enter: amplxe-cl -help <action>. For example, this command returns help for the collect-with action:

    $ amplxe-cl -help collect-with
  • For information on a specific analysis type, enter: amplxe-cl -help collect <analysis_type>. For example, this command returns help for the locksandwaits analysis type:

    $ amplxe-cl -help collect locksandwaits
  • For information on a knob, enter:

    $ amplxe-cl -knob-list <analysis_type>

Running an Analysis

  • Choose one of the analysis types or collectors listed in the -help collect.

  • Some analysis types and collectors support knobs (configuration options) that provide additional settings.

  • There are many other options you can use to configure an analysis. For example, you can specify which process or components should be analyzed, whether collection begins immediately or after a pause.

To run a performance analysis from the command line, use the amplxe-cl command as follows:

amplxe-cl -collect <analysis_type> [--] <target>


  • <analysis_type> is the type of analysis to run. To see the list of available analysis types, enter:

    amplxe-cl -help collect

  • <target> is the path and name of the application to analyze.

Outcome: VTune Amplifier collects the specified type of data.

Next steps: After collecting performance results for your target, you can view the result in the GUI or use the report action to generate a report.

Running Analysis Remotely from the Command Line

See the topic Remote Analysis Workflow for detailed instructions and tips on running analysis remotely using a combination of GUI and command line tools.


Run a Hotspots analysis on myApplication.

$ amplxe-cl -collect hotspots -- C:\test\myApplication.exe

This example of the collect-with action shows how knobs are used. Run a hardware event-based sampling collector for the sample.exe application on the specified events and display a Summary report.

$ amplxe-cl -collect-with runsa -knob event-config=CPU_CLK_UNHALTED.CORE,CPU_CLK_UNHALTED.REF,INST_RETIRED.ANY C:\test\sample.exe

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