Pane: CPU Wake-ups

To access this pane: Click the CPU Wake-ups sub-tab in the result tab.

Default pane position in window

Use the CPU Wake-ups pane to view and analyze the performance data for a CPU per metric.

This pane is the basic part of the CPU Wake-ups window that is available in the CPU Sleep States viewpoint provided for the data collected with CPU Sleep States analysis type.


Power analysis is supported only for Linux* OS based on Intel® Xeon® processors. On Windows* OS, you may import and view results collected on a Linux OS.

Grouping Levels (Granularities)

Each row in the CPU Wake-ups pane corresponds to a grouping level (granularity). You can change the grouping level using the Grouping drop-down menu at the top of the CPU Wake-ups pane.

Click the plus sign to expand a row and view data on different grouping levels.

Performance Metrics

Each data column in the CPU Wake-ups pane corresponds to a performance metric.



Total Wake-up Count

Total number of CPU wake-ups over all cores. Mouse over the column header to see the metric description and formula used for metric calculation.

Sleep State

Processor sleep state (C0-Cx) the system was in when a wake-up occurred.

By default, the table is sorted by the Total Wake-up Count metric in the descending order providing the objects with the highest wake-up count first. To change the sorting method, click the column header.

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