Window: CPU Sleep States

Use the CPU Sleep States window to analyze the time spent in different sleep states and identify cores that consume a lot of power. The CPU Sleep States window is available for the CPU Sleep States viewpoint. To open the window, click the CPU Sleep States sub-tab in the result tab.

The CPU Sleep States window consists of the CPU Sleep States pane and Timeline pane.

CPU Sleep States Window Layout

CPU Sleep States Window Panes

  1. CPU Sleep States Pane

  2. Timeline Pane


Power analysis is provided by the VTune Amplifier for Systems only. To analyze applications on Linux* target systems, run the CPU Sleep States or CPU Frequency analysis types from the VTune Amplifier GUI or CLI installed on the Linux or Windows* host. To analyze applications on Android* devices, use the Intel Energy Profiler (SoCWatch/WuWatch) to run the analysis directly on the device. You can view collected data either in the text-only mode on the device or import and view the data in the VTune Amplifier GUI nstalled on the host system.

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