Window: Tasks and Frames

To access this window: Click the Tasks and Frames sub-tab in the result tab.

The Tasks and Frames window provides performance details on tasks and frames specified in your code with the Task or Frame API respectively. If you do not have any tasks/frames specified, the timeline data provided in the Tasks and Frames window will be the same as the data provided in the Bottom-up window.

Use this window to:

  • Correlate the tasks analysis results with the distribution of the application performance per hardware event over time.

  • Correlate application performance metrics with frame domains

Tasks and Frames Window Layout

Tasks and Frames Window Panes

  1. Timeline Pane divided to Thread area and Frame Domain area

  2. Call Stack Pane

The Timeline pane and the Call Stack pane are synchronized. For example, when you select a task or a task region in the Timeline pane, the Call Stack pane shows related stacks for the metric (CPU time, or PMU event).

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