Speech Coding Functions


Speech coding functions are deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

This chapter describes the Intel® IPP speech coding functions. Use these functions to implement speech codecs that follow ITU-T recommendations for G711 (companding functions), G.722, G.722.1, G.723.1, G726, G.728, G.729.1 and G.729 codecs, the G.167, G.168 for Echo Canceller, G.169 for Audio Level control, ETSI specifications for GSM-AMR and GSM-FR codecs, as well as 3GPP specification for AMRWB and AMRWB+ codecs, and Microsoft* Real-Time Audio codec.

When properly built, such speech codecs and other components can be compliant with the bit-exact specifications and other specifications for published test vectors.

The chapter also includes the functions that solely or in combination with other functions can be used for speech/voice quality enhancement, for example, in acoustic or network echo control, background noise artifacts removal, automatic audio level control. In tandem with the speech codec they can increase quality and save bandwidth of voice communication.

The use of the Intel IPP speech coding functions is demonstrated in Intel IPP Samples. See Intel IPP Speech Coding Samples downloadable from http://www.intel.com/cd/software/products/asmo-na/eng/220046.htm.

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