Notational Conventions

The following font and symbols conventions are used in this document:


Italic is used for emphasis and also indicates document names in body text, for example:

see Intel IPP Developer Reference.

Monospace lowercase

Indicates filenames, directory names, and pathnames, for example:


Monospace lowercase mixed with UPPERCASE

Indicates commands and command-line options, for example:

ps_ipps.exe -f FIRLMS_32f -r firlms.csv


Indicates system variables, for example: $PATH.

monospace italic

Indicates a parameter in discussions, such as routine parameters, for example: pSrc; makefile parameters, for example: function_list.

When enclosed in angle brackets, indicates a placeholder for an identifier, an expression, a string, a symbol, or a value, for example: <ipp directory>.

[ items ]

Square brackets indicate that the items enclosed in brackets are optional.

{ item | item }

Braces indicate that only one of the items listed between braces can be selected. A vertical bar ( | ) separates the items.

The following notations are used to refer to Intel IPP directories:


The installation directory for the larger product that includes Intel IPP; for example, Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for C++.

<ipp directory>

The main directory where Intel IPP is installed:

<ipp directory>=<install_dir>/ipp.

Replace this placeholder with the specific pathname in the configuring, linking, and building instructions.

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