Interview with Developer Adarsh Uppula

Developer Adarsh Uppula graciously gave us a few minutes of his time this week to talk about his development background, his current app projects, and his thoughts on the software development landscape. He recently won first place win for Best New App at the Intel CodeFest for Android in November 2013, which you can read about here.

Tell us about your background.

I am the Founder of Pivotle Technologies, we make consumer products that solve everyday problems and are a pleasure to use. You can find us at  I manage business and technical development and operations. I am a Cal EECS grad (go bears!) and have worked previously as a software engineer at Cisco Systems building cloud based telepresence (videoconferencing) products. I am also a hacklete (hackathon athlete), competing and winning at hackathons.

What got you interested in coding and development?

My dad was a software engineer and taught me C at age 9. I have never looked back after that. Coding is a unique activity where with just a computer you can take an idea from just a thought to a working product. There is very little friction in getting your ideas out there.

What are you currently working on?

Awesome apps for the Pebble smartwatch. One of them will be for Intelinote, an app you can view as part of the Share Your App project here:

Intelinote is an easy note taking app that automatically organizes your notes by location. It is a cross-platform app that works on all devices and all browsers, and was created using the Intel XDK.

Tell us about your app projects you have going right now.

Just released my first Pebble app called Watchlight, turn your phone’s flashlight on from your wrist! Will be releasing more watch apps. I am finishing up Intelinote and it will go live in the app stores soon.

What do you think are the standout features about your app that everyone should know?

Intelinote lets you quickly add and view all your notes. Using geolocation, it helps you remember why and what the note was about. It’s a very lightweight app that runs everywhere.

What programming language did you use to develop this app and why?

HTML5, Javascript, CSS so the app can run anywhere.

What IDE or development framework did you use and why?

Intel XDK for IDE because it has a mobile web simulator built in which reduces the build-run-test cycle. jQuery for JS frameworks because it is a defacto standard and works cross-browser.

Tell us about your experience Intel technology while developing your app – SDK, compiler, etc.

Intel XDK was awesome. It was very to install and use and saved me a lot of time. The simulator is very handy.

What project(s) are you most proud of? has been Pivotle’s major product launch to date. It solves a real need in the domain management space. . It is starting to see traction and I am hearing good reviews and feedback. Some of my other apps are in private Beta or still in development. I am also happy to have created Pivotle Chat, chat designed for the family. Professionally, I am proud of taking a new emerging telepresence product, Cisco Umi, from idea to market launch.

What is exciting for you right now in app development?

Mobile web development has gotten easier and better. Devices are getting faster and Android fragmentation is reducing.

What trends do you see in app development?

Developing for wearable technologies is going to be the next big thing.

What do you think has been the biggest challenge for you personally in app development?

Getting my apps to look and work the same way on all the various devices, due to different OS, device form factors, etc.  

Anything else you’d like to add?

I am looking forward to more from Intel on the app development front. Intel is betting on wearables and I would be happy to partner in the journey. The Intel events have been great and I will be attending more of them.

Thanks again to developer Adarsh Uppula for taking the time out from a very busy schedule to give us a glimpse into the life of a developer!

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