Parallelizing Simple Loops

The simplest form of scalable parallelism is a loop of iterations that can each run simultaneously without interfering with each other. The following sections demonstrate how to parallelize simple loops.


Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) components are defined in namespace tbb. For brevity’s sake, the namespace is explicit in the first mention of a component, but implicit afterwards.

When compiling Intel® TBB programs, be sure to link in the Intel® TBB shared library, otherwise undefined references will occur. The following table shows compilation commands that use the debug version of the library. Remove the "_debug" portion to link against the production version of the library. See doc/Getting_Started.pdf for other command line possibilities.

Sample command lines for simple debug builds
Operating System Command line

Windows* OS

icl /MD example.cpp tbb_debug.lib

Linux* OS

icc example.cpp -ltbb_debug

OS X* Systems

icc example.cpp -ltbb_debug

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