blocked_range3d Template Class


Template class that represents recursively divisible three-dimensional half-open interval.


#include "tbb/blocked_range3d.h"


template<typename PageValue, typename RowValue, typename ColValue> class blocked_range3d;


A blocked_range3d<PageValue,RowValue,ColValue> is the three-dimensional extension of blocked_range2d.


namespace tbb {
template<typename PageValue, typename RowValue=PageValue, typename ColValue=RowValue>
    class blocked_range3d {
        // Types
        typedef blocked_range<PageValue> page_range_type;
        typedef blocked_range<RowValue> row_range_type;
        typedef blocked_range<ColValue> col_range_type;

        // Constructors
            PageValue page_begin, PageValue page_end,  
            typename page_range_type::size_type page_grainsize,
            RowValue row_begin, RowValue row_end, 
            typename row_range_type::size_type row_grainsize,
            ColValue col_begin, ColValue col_end, 
            typename col_range_type::size_type col_grainsize);
        blocked_range3d( PageValue page_begin, PageValue page_end,  
                         RowValue row_begin, RowValue row_end, 
                         ColValue col_begin, ColValue col_end);
        blocked_range3d( blocked_range3d& r, split );
        blocked_range3d( blocked_range3d& r, proportional_split& proportion );

        //! Proportional split is enabled
        static const bool is_splittable_in_proportion = true;

        // Capacity
        bool empty() const;

        // Access
        bool is_divisible() const;
        const page_range_type& pages() const;
        const row_range_type& rows() const;
        const col_range_type& cols() const;

Constructors of blocked_range3d support class template argument deduction for C++17. For example

tbb::blocked_range3d range(0, 100, size_t(0), size_t(50), 1u, 10u);

declares range as tbb::blocked_range3d<int, size_t, unsigned int>.

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