Parallel Iteration

Types const_range_type and range_type model the Container Range concept. The types differ only in that the bounds for a const_range_type are of type const_iterator, whereas the bounds for a range_type are of type iterator.


Do not call concurrent operations, including count and find while iterating the table. Use concurrent_unordered_map if concurrent traversal and insertion are required.

The following table provides additional information on the members of this template class.
Member Description
const_range_type range( size_t grainsize=1 ) const

Constructs a const_range_type representing all keys in the table. The parameter grainsize is in units of hash table buckets. Each bucket typically has on average about one key-value pair.

Returns: const_range_type object for the table.

range_type range( size_t grainsize=1 )

Returns: range_type object for the table.

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