task_list Class



This feature is deprecated and will be removed in the future.

List of task objects.


class task_list;


#include "tbb/task.h"


A task_list is a list of references to task objects. The purpose of task_list is to allow a task to create a list of tasks and spawn them all at once via the method task::spawn(task_list&), as described in Section static void spawn ( task_list& list ).

A task can belong to at most one task_list at a time, and on that task_list at most once. A task that has been spawned, but not started running, must not belong to a task_list. A task_list cannot be copy-constructed or assigned.


namespace tbb {
               class task_list {
                    bool empty() const;
                    void push_back( task& task );
                    task& pop_front();
                    void clear();
The following table provides additional information on the members of this template class.
Member Description

Constructs an empty list.


Destroys the list. Does not destroy the task objects.

bool empty() const

Returns: True if list is empty; false otherwise.

push_back( task& task )

Inserts a reference to task at back of the list.

task& task pop_front()

Removes a task reference from front of list.

Returns: The reference that was removed.

void clear()

Removes all task references from the list. Does not destroy the task objects.

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