This feature is deprecated and will be removed in the future.

Exception that can be moved to another thread.


class tbb_exception;


#include "tbb/tbb_exception.h"


In a parallel environment, exceptions sometimes have to be propagated across threads. Class tbb_exception subclasses std::exception to add support for such propagation.


        namespace tbb {
            class tbb_exception: public std::exception {
                virtual tbb_exception* move() = 0;
                virtual void destroy() throw() = 0;
                virtual void throw_self() = 0;
                virtual const char* name() throw() = 0;
                virtual const char* what() throw() = 0;

Derived classes should define the abstract virtual methods as follows:

  • move() should create a pointer to a copy of the exception that can outlive the original. It may move the contents of the original.

  • destroy() should destroy a copy created by move().

  • throw_self() should throw *this.

  • name() typically returns the RTTI name of the originally intercepted exception.

  • what() returns a null-terminated string describing the exception.

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