This feature is deprecated and will be removed in the future.

Class used by Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) to capture an approximation of an exception.


class captured_exception;


#include "tbb/tbb_exception.h"


When a task throws an exception, sometimes Intel TBB converts the exception to a captured_exception before propagating it. The conditions for conversion are described in Section Exceptions.


namespace tbb {
        class captured_exception: public tbb_exception {
            captured_exception(const captured_exception& src);
            captured_exception(const char* name, const char* info);
            ~captured_exception() throw();
            captured_exception& operator=(const captured_exception&);
            captured_exception* move() throw();
            void destroy() throw();
            void throw_self();
            const char* name() const throw();
            const char* what() const throw();
The following table provides information on the additions that captured_exception makes to tbb_exception. Section tbb_exception describes the rest of the interface.
Member Description
captured_exception( const char* name, const char* info )

Constructs a captured_exception with the specified name and info.

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