28,000 Steps: SxSW Day One

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My first day at the conference was mostly about getting the lay of the land.  Checked in, got a bunch of books, a newspaper and some shopping bags.  First impression after that was power is everything.  The Austin Conference Center has many plugs around and as you can see from the pictures, all are in use.
One of my primary goals in attending is to gain some insight in what companies could benefit from learning more about companies in the media space could benefit from writing their applications with Intel hardware in mind.  As it turned out I was delighted to meet "Erik the Viking" and Bruce from Spout* (http://www.spoutsoftware.com/) - an application designed to allow musicians to collaborate remotely that will integrate their production tools (like ProTools*) as well as allowing them to video conference while recording and producing.  That's one down boss ;)
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Spout Software Booth - I wish I could remember the actor's name.
Finally, I attended a presentation delivered by Alexis Ohanian (Reddit co-fonder) titled, "Be Awesome without Their Permission".  Seems the SxSW-Intercative track attracts a lot of entrepenours.
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Excellent, inspiring, and amazing to have Heather of draw my notes during the presentation.
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Forget the wireless "charging bowl" - I think we need wireless, charging TABLES.  28,000 steps?  WOW.  Looks like an interesting conference.  I'm anxious to see more blogs.

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