Configuring Intel Trace Collector

Use the configuration file to customize various aspects of the Intel® Trace Collector operation and define trace data filters.

To make the Intel Trace Collector read the configuration file, set the VT_CONFIG environment variable to the directory that contains the configuration file.

For example:

VT_CONFIG=/<configuration file path name>/my_settings.conf


A relative path is interpreted as starting from the current working directory; an absolute path is safer, because mpirun may start your processes in a different folder than you expect.


Set the value of the VT_CONFIG_RANK (the default value is 0) to specify the process that reads and parses the configuration file.


The VT_CONFIG values have to be consistent over all processes, although you do not need to set it for all of them.


You can set up the Intel Trace Collector configuration file in three ways:

  1. Specify configuration options in a configuration file

  2. Specify environment variables in a configuration file

  3. Specify configuration options on the command line of a program.

Alternative 1

Specify the Intel Trace Collector configuration options in the configuration file.

For example:

$ more my_settings.conf

For the list of options and their descriptions, see Intel® Trace Collector Settings.

Some options like STATE may appear several times in the configuration file.

Alternative 2

Each option has an equivalent environment variable. To set the variables, use the option names, but prefix them with VT_ and replace hyphens with underscores.

For example:

$ export VT_STATE=* OFF MPI:* ON


Environment variables are checked by the process that reads the configuration file after it has parsed the file, so the variables override the configuration file options.

Alternative 3

To specify the configuration options on the command line of a program, add -- before the name of the option.

To avoid conflicts between the Intel Trace Collector parameters and the application parameters, start the block of the Intel Trace Collector parameters with --itc-args and close the block with --itc-args-end.

For example:

$ mpirun -n 4 ./MyApp --itc-args --logfile-format SINGLESTF --itc-args-end


Fortran programs are an exception, because the Intel Trace Collector has limited access to command line parameters Fortran programs.

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